Kayla’s Story

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Testimonials

When the music came on over the speakers during my very first class I thought, “What did I get myself into?!” Playing soccer year-round from age five to eighteen, I conceptualized working out as painful, competitive and adversarial. There was no room for upbeat dance music in a really challenging work out. It was nothing but squats, running stairs, and wind sprints for me.


Well, if I wanted a challenging work-out I found it. I spent the entirety of my first class simply trying to keep my heels high in thigh. Maika explained that it was to protect my knees. So, that was my big goal. Once I got that, Maika spent the next couple of months asking me throughout class, “Kayla, are you breathing?”, when she knew I was holding my breath:) For me it clicked; If just keeping my heels in the air and breathing was difficult, the Bar Method could be the key to keeping me mentally and physically stimulated and not just lead me to quit after a month of boredom!

It has been twelve months since my first class and I love it more and more every day. I love that women and men of all ages can excel at it. I love when I get my booty kicked in class by someone twice my age! I love that the Bar Method can work for people in perfect health and for people who have an injury to rehabilitate. And the proof is in the pudding…Bar Method transforms and reshapes the body in unbelievable ways! Lengthening, leaning and toning all to give you a proportionate, sculpted look.

Most of all it is the female empowerment that makes me think Bar is really something special. (Sorry, guys, I know you kill it at bar too!!) When you walk into the studio in the morning the positivity is infectious. There’s no time for anyone to get down on their body because the environment is so uplifting! And you can’t help but feel strong and beautiful after an hour-long grueling class. When Bev tells you to marinate in the burn, do it. And when she tells you to sink down into the fire, do it. When you realize you’re strong enough to do what you thought you couldn’t, a whole world opens up.