Alexis’ Story

Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Testimonials

When I walked out of my first Bar Method class, I had no intention of ever coming back. 

I can’t exactly recall how I had first heard about Bar method but I remember hearing from my mom and sister about “this new barre workout” they were wanting to try. As a dancer and someone who loves staying active, I heard the words “barre” and “workout” and thought, “I’d be great at that, I guess I’ll try too.” That was my first mistake. Thinking that it would be something I would walk into and grasp completely within the first class. My second mistake was the assumption, upon realizing the workout was completed in socks in a carpeted room, that it would not be very hard. Because oh my gosh, it was SO hard. During the first thigh set I probably came out every 10 seconds wondering how on earth the other individuals in the class could endure all the way through. They were simply not real, I decided.

However, the most difficult thing for me besides EVERY exercise we did, was my constant need for correction. Every time my name was called I would cringe. When the instructor would walk over to correct me I could feel my pride inflating in my chest. I hated the constant attention and just wanted to hide amidst the other class members. My frustration stemmed from my obvious need to work on the technique and the embarrassment I felt for needing so much help. I concluded that the workout wasn’t for me and again, had no intention of coming back.

To my surprise, Bar Method remained in the back of my mind. Something about it stayed with me though at the time I was unable to discern why. Enough so that about 6 months later I obliged to try it again. I struggled through single arm lifts and wanted to collapse during the thigh but I began to embrace the physical challenge and the corrections that aided me in my inexperience. Before I knew it, I was by captivated by all of it; the way I was pushed to my limit in every single exercise, the instructors’ knowledge of the body, the beauty and peace of the studio, and the attention to detail in every aspect of the approach.



I signed up for a promotional two-week special before a Christmas trip to Mexico. The day I returned I was already looking up when classes would start again- I was sold. It was the first workout regimen I genuinely looked forward to. I no longer felt like I had to drag myself to the gym or find every ounce of will power I had to enter a class. Now, whether I walk into the Bar Method-Spokane studio where I started or either of the Seattle Bar Method studios, I feel at home.




The Bar Method has quickly become so many things for me. 

  • It is a constant challenge for my body by targeting muscles I had never knew existed. Not only can I see the changes, but I can feel the them. The consistent emphasis on technique has become my best friend as it allows me to understand the intent of each position. Ironically, the longer I attend, the more difficult the exercises become, and the more I realize there will always be room to improve.
  • It is my hour-long escape from the stress and complexities of my world. Focusing intently on my form and merely trying to make it through the “last 20 counts” without collapsing gives me no choice but to get lost in the workout. As an individual who is constantly consumed by a running to-do list, this is an hour of escape that I desperately need and crave in my day.
  • It is a supportive community that challenges, encourages, builds you up, and cares about you as an individual. I have loved being able to take class with my mom, sister, roommates, and friends, as well as building new relationships with other clients and employees. This has been especially critical in this season of my life as I am new to the city of Seattle. The incredible community of the Seattle Bar Method studios made me feel like family right from the start. I didn’t even realize at the time how much I needed that.
  • It was, and has been, my one and only workout regimen in my path to pursuing a position as an NFL cheerleader. Prior to tryouts, Bar Method transformed my strength and flexibility and continues to shape my body today.
  • It is my daily dose of feeling beautiful and strong on the outside, and more importantly, on the inside.

I often liken my hour at Bar Method to the obstacles we face in life. You struggle through them, wondering if and when they are ever going to be over. When it feels like you simply cannot give any more you may question “can I even get through this?” But you do. And after the final stretch, during those few, quiet moments of breathing, there is a newfound sense of strength and hope- that no matter how difficult things may seem, you are stronger than you know and becoming better every day.

Finale: Random things I love about Bar Method

  • I have been dancing since 3rd grade. This includes competing at the high school and collegiate levels and then moving on to professional cheerleading. It wasn’t until I started coming to Bar Method that I finally got my left splits.
  • The fascination I have with the way you can be barely moving and physically dying at the same time.
  • The South Lake Union location is a block away from Whole Foods- genius. The Redmond studio is a few minutes drive away from Whole Foods- also genius.
  • Every single Bar Method employee, from the owners to the instructors and receptionists, make you feel valued and important. Their care towards every client truly sets them apart.
  • During a morning class at the SLU studio I saw a porcupine in one of the trees on Westlake Ave.
  • The lights in the studio make diamond rings sparkle fabulously. I don’t have one myself  but I love admiring others.
Thank you so much for everything!