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Posted by on Jun 10, 2016 in Blog

I’m a Bar Method Groupie for Five Years….

Well…almost and I haven’t really stopped! I’ve always done some form of exercise from running to kickboxing. I didn’t really consider myself out of shape, but when you reach that magic decade number (i.e. 40), the workouts weren’t quite that efficient anymore. For women, especially, as our hormone levels change, it’s harder to lean out and lose those extra pounds.


I discovered Bar Method through a friend, who was probably in her 2nd year of taking the classes. When they opened their Seattle studio, another friend and I took the opportunity to make some changes in our lives. That first class was brutal and needless to say, I was not a graceful swan (and believe me, it’s not the kind of barre class full of ballerinas). Your
body and muscles will shake uncontrollably; your muscles will be sore; and your abs will literally scream at you. But you know what? I came back for more and I have never truly stuck to one form of workout in my entire life.


When a class is full, I just love it – because you really feed off of everyone’s energy including the instructors’! Honestly, you do, under your breath, swear a little because it’s such a challenging workout, but when the stretch comes at interval points, you’re thanking yourself for coming that day.

Lastly, and most importantly, the community that is formed by sharing the 60 minutes of your day with the other clients. I can’t even describe how beautiful this is. You and other clients and instructors form this bond. I look forward to my 6 a.m. class everyday! Love to the owners of the Seattle-Eastside Bar Method, Luke, Bev and Maika. Their vision and passion has changed many lives. Thank you and we “Bar Methodists” love you!